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Getting Started

Welcome to WWWToolz Hosting. Now lets get your site setup.

The first step is to set up your DNS so that your domain name points to the right servers. If you purchased your domain name with us we will set this up for you so you disregard this section. Login to your domain name control panel and chage the nameservers to:


After your dns changes have been made please allow 24-48 for your dns to propagate worldwide. During this initial 24-48 hours your site will be working one minute then be offline the next. If after two days your site is still not working contact us.

Uploading to your site

You can begin uploading to your account now by using a ftp client--such as Internet Explorer--or the control panel's file manager. The easiest way to upload files is with a downloadable FTP client. We recommend SmartFTP (www.SmartFTP.com). Put in your sites ip address under the "host address" field. Once your ftp is connected go to the www/ folder and begin uploading to your site. To replace the default place holder page you must upload an index.html in all lowercase lettering.

If you need help uploading files, see our tutorials on TutorialUploading Files with Internet Explorer and
TutorialUploading Files with SmartFTP.

Control Panel And Important Links

Note: "yourdomain.com" should be "" until your dns has proprogated.
  • Your control panel is located at http://yourdomain.com/cpanel or http://spiffyhosts.com/cpanel. See our TutorialTutorials section for assistance with your control panel.
  • You can upload files to ftp.yourdomain.com or ftp.spiffyhosts.com. If you need help, see our Uploading Files section.
  • You can check your webmail at http://yourdomain.com/webmail. We have a tutorial on TutorialChecking Webmail if you need assistance
  • You can view your site before the dns has proprogated at
    Note: Don't forget the trailing / and the ~


Have questions? We have an online FAQ, online tutorials and support tickets to give you the answer. See our Login & Support section. You can also create a support ticket.


Your web hosting fee will be billed automatically annually, quarterly or monthly depending on your payment plan.
If you wish to cancel, upgrade, purchase addons, update information, or anything else billing related please go to our billing page.



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